Lofoten Special

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Discover the natural wonders of Norway: an unforgettable journey of discovery!

Wet off the beaten track and be enchanted by Norway's breathtaking natural beauty. My trip is no ordinary vacation, it's an exclusive journey of discovery to the hidden treasures of this beautiful country.

Enchanting hikes

Climb scenic mountain peaks and be rewarded with panoramic views that reveal the enchanting beauty of the Lofoten Islands. A journey for adventurers who long for highlights that will remain in the memory forever.

Whale watching adventure

Embark on an unforgettable encounter with the majestic whales that inhabit the waters surrounding Lofoten. A unique opportunity to experience and admire these impressive marine animals up close.


Explore the beauty of nature

Be amazed by the dramatic mountain peaks, expansive beaches and picturesque villages that adorn the Lofoten Islands. Every step in this enchanting location tells a story of untouched nature.

 Group experience

Create lasting memories together with like-minded adventurers. From cozy campfire moments to sharing stories under the Norwegian sky, this journey forges bonds that will last a lifetime.

Not (standard) included
-- Your own flight to and from Bergen Airport,  Svolvær Helle (SVJ) Norway.
- Meals and drinks. You can book this additionally by checking this box when booking.
- For hygienic reasons I do not provide sleeping bags. You can choose to bring your own sleeping bag or purchase one from me by checking this box when booking.

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